Strategic Research Agenda Working Group (SRA-WG)


The Strategic Research Agenda Working Group (SRA-WG) is charged with strategy development and the identification of research priorities. It will provide the focal point for strategic research development within the Quantum Flagship. This relies on input and feedback from the QT community though consultation processes, either via the web portal or through regular community meetings. The input from the SEB on project progress and discussions with the SAB are also taken into consideration. This will result in the preparation of a Strategic Research Agenda for the Quantum Technologies community and the Quantum Flagship.

The SRA-WG is large, around 50 people, which, while necessary to address the diverse competencies needed across the Quantum Flagship, represents a challenge in terms of management. To this end, we propose a team-based approach, where a core team, made up of representatives from each domain will discuss the global perspective before returning to their own domain-specific teams to develop the SRA. This core team is not fixed and members will rotate depending on availability. This approach will ensure that there is a clear global overview, as well as the spread of competencies in each of the different domains of the Quantum Flagship. There will also be overlap with the Innovation WGs  to ensure a coherent vision for the document, the quantum Flagship and the community.


The SRA itself should be seen as a living document that will be periodically updated based on the progress of the Quantum Flagship activities. A critical element of this document will be the definition of relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) to facilitate accessing the progress towards the Quantum Flagship’s objectives.

The SRA-WG members and roles

Communication Computation Simulation Sensing & Metrology Basic Science
Hugues de Riedmatten Thomas Monz Jens Eisert Fedor Jelezko Toni Acin
Andrew Shields Walter Reiss Francesca Ferlaino Piet Schmidt Philippe Grangier
Stephanie Wehner Lieven Vandersypen Anthony Laing Christiane Koch Ana Predojevic
Rupert Ursin Andreas Wallraff Michael Marthaler Stefan Kröll Andris Ambainis
Tracy Northup Fabio Sciarrino Françoise Remacle Eugene Polzik Sabrina Maniscalco
Nicolas Gisin Daniel Esteve Jacqueline Bloch Mathieu Munsch Albert Schleisser
Grégoire Ribordy John Morton Andreas Ruschhaupt Thierry Debuisschert Ivette Fuentes
Helmut Griesser Iuliana Radu Maciej Lewenstein Ivo Degiovanni
Renato Renner Frank Wilhelm Christian Gross Steffen Glaser
Eleni Diamanti Harry Buhrman Martin Plenio
Iordanis Kerenidis
Cyril Allouche

The SRA-WG will be chaired by Rob Thew.

To reinforce the cross-cutting nature of the other domains this Working Group also consists of teams for each of the following.

Software Theory Engineering Control
Harry Buhrman Renato Renner John Morton Frank Wilhelm
Cyril Allouche Martin Plenio Iuliana Radu Christiane Koch
Stephanie Wehner Maciej Lewenstein Albert Schleisser Andreas Ruschhaupt
Andris Ambainis Toni Acin Andrew Shields Françoise Remacle
Iordanis Kerenidis Sabrina Maniscalco Fedor Jelezko
Ivette Fuentes Ana Predojevic
Andreas Wallraff
Jacqueline Bloch
Mathieu Munsch
Anthony Laing

The SRA-WG, as proposed, consists of over 20% industry and more than 20% female participation. There are also five members of the Innovation WG involved across the different Domains.