To support and coordinate the activities of the Quantum Flagship requires a vast effort and diverse competencies. Clearly, the small support and coordination team charged with doing this cannot do everything, which is why we rely on the community at large. We have set up several work groups to assist in bringing the community together and helping to guide the Quantum Flagship towards success. These address several important areas of the Quantum Flagship and its challenges. We have work groups helping to develop the Strategic Research and Innovation agenda. We will also rely on an Education and Training work group to address the challenges of building up a quantum aware workforce and a Gender Equality work group to ensure that the whole community is involved and addressing the current gender imbalance across the quantum technology community.

There are 3 active working groups

  • Innovation

    Innovation Working Group

    The Quantum Technology (QT) Flagship is application oriented and it is expected to bring results that will benefit to the European economy at the end of the program. To reach that goal, a balanced involvement of industry and academic stakeholders is necessary as well as a better transfer of information and results between basic science and applications. For that purpose an Innovation Working group (WG) is being settled.

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  • Strategy

    Strategic Research Agenda Working Group (SRA-WG)

    The Strategic Research Agenda Working Group (SRA-WG) is charged with strategy development and the identification of research priorities. It will provide the focal point for strategic research development within the Quantum Flagship.

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  • Gender Equality Work Group

    Despite the progress that has been made in getting women into science at the university level, there remains a challenge to ensure the promotion of women to senior positions, increase their representation as conference presenters, chairs, and, in general, their equal treatment.

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