QuantWare designs, develops and fabricates scalable superconducting quantum processors.


We launched in July 2021 with the singular ambition to accelerate the usefulness of the quantum computer, while democratizing hardware and expanding the field.

QuantWare works on the quickest path to useful quantum computation, based on a foundation of world-class expertise in scaling up superconducting QPUs.

Achieving useful quantum computation is a huge challenge, and one we cannot do alone. We are a collaborative company working with the best-in-class companies and experts on complementary solutions. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships.

Our proprietary modular chip architecture allows us to rapidly scale to very large qubit numbers in the coming years while keep improving on coherence times.
Quantum Hardware is at the heart of a quantum computer, yet it was previously only available to a handful of players. Being the only supplier of quantum hardware, we enable all players in the fast-growing quantum market to build quantum computers.

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