Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies (QUTIS)

The research group “Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies (QUTIS)”, led by Prof. Enrique Solano, develops cutting-edge theoretical research for the sake of fundamentals and implementations in interdisciplinary aspects of quantum computing and quantum technologies. We relate concepts in quantum optics, quantum control, quantum information, quantum matter, trapped ions, NV centers in diamond, microwave quantum communication, superconducting circuits, artificial intelligence and quantum biomimetics, among others. QUTIS is a dynamic, hard-working, and creative group with wide interests in arts, physics, science, technology, and business. We are strongly driven by intellectual curiosity, keeping as our main goal our aesthetic and scientific expression in a friendly competitive environment. At the same time, we constantly search that our original cross-disciplinary ideas have a realistic approach towards experimental implementations. QUTIS is committed to the team-oriented production of novel influential concepts, where creative ideas merge with quantum technologies.

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