At QuantrolOx we are building automated control software for quantum technologies to tune, stabilise and optimise qubits. Tuning is required to bring each qubit into an operational state, optimisation is required to improve their performance, and stabilisation is required to maintain performance in the presence of instabilities in the hardware.
To successfully tune, optimise and stabilise many thousands of qubits, regardless of their variability, automation is required. A big parameter space must be explored, data interpreted, patterns recognized and decisions made in real time. Current solutions that depend on human expertise are not good enough and will not scale. QuantrolOx software uses machine learning to tune, optimise and stabilise quantum processors without human intervention. It makes the practice of operating quantum processors completely automatic, providing improvements over human experts in its speed, accuracy, and scalability.
We cannot do this alone. We are part of a global ecosystem of companies and research labs that are working together to enable quantum technologies to contribute to human flourishing.

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