Multiverse Computing

Multiverse is a quantum and quantum-inspired software company. It prepares algorithms and additional complementary software that work for real-sized problems in finance, energy, manufacturing, logistics and space.
Some solutions work in quantum computers, some in classical (traditional) computers and some others combine both. The best algorithms are included in Singularity, a product from Multiverse that anybody without quantum education can use (even from Excel!).
Multiverse Computing is the largest quantum software company in EU (employees, capitalization).
Multiverse Computing headquarters are based in San Sebastian (Spain), with offices Toronto, Paris and Munich.
Currently, Multiverse Computing has more than 50 employees (and growing), of which 40% hold a PhD and 30% are women.
Multiverse Computing has partnerships with most quantum manufacturers. Multiverse Computing filed 22 patents in 2021, and 24 more are planned for 2022.

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