Insitute of Superconductivity

Overview of research activity.
Research in the Institute has focused on experimental studies of the electromagnetic properties of low- and high-temperature superconductors. In particular, we are interested in the effect of size on quantum effects in superconducting nano structures as borne out in magnetoresistance experiments, and in dendritic flux instability in thin superconducting films imaged by a unique, ultra-fast magneto-optical system. Part of the efforts in the lab are applied-oriented, focusing on high-current applications such as superconducting magnetic energy storage, fault current limiters, persistent-current switches, and dynamic wireless power transfer systems.

More than 300 referred publications; more than ~11,000 citations. H-index = 46. Most significant contribution in the past is Giant flux creep (>1600 citations), describing magnetic relaxation in high-temperature superconductors. A recent important contributions: Current-induced crossover of flux Periodicity from h/2e to h/e in a Superconducting Nb Nano-Ring (Nano Letters (2018)), describing pair coherence and quasi-particle coherence in the same nano-ring.

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