Equal 1 Laboratories Ireland

Equal 1 Laboratories Ireland Limited (Equal 1) is an innovative start-up creating a paradigm shift in quantum computing. We have a vision to accelerate the introduction of useful, cost effective quantum computers using our silicon-based technology within a 3-year time horizon. We have achieved significant milestones since we spun-out of University College Dublin in late 2018, and with a modest amount of capital, we have a working cryogenic quantum processing unit (QPU) which we have integrated into two proof of concept quantum computing demonstrators performing basic quantum operations at TRL 6. Our rapid progress was achieved because our founders have been patiently waiting for “quantum- readiness” on a standard silicon fabrication process for over a decade. Quantum computing is a potential game-changer as the field promises an exponential increase in computing power which will enable breakthrough applications in areas as diverse as vaccine and drug discovery, climate modelling, protein folding modelling, financial services and artificial intelligence among others.

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