Atom Tech and Quantum Nanosciences

At Pico-Lab @ CEMES-CNRS we are exploring quantum control towards quantum technology for (1) single molecule and atom by atom manipulations on a surface to create atomic scale quantum circuits and logic gates (2) nano-plasmonic circuits and modal logic gates coupled to single photon sources and (3) single molecule-mechanical machinery like molecule-motors and train of molecule-gears using surface quantum decoherence and inelastic excitations with a few picometers of spatial and a few meV of energy delivery resolution. By combining theory, quantum chemistry calculations and experimental efforts (LT-UHV-STM, nc-AFM LT-UHV 4-STM, UHV nano-fabrication, on-surface and multiple step organic chemistry), we aims at downsizing quantum information processing, nano-communication and mechanical machinery to construct machines with unit cell functional footprint as small as 1 nm2 and quantum to classical (vis & versa) information conversion with nano-devices as narrow as 1 nm, a formidable challenge for example in miniaturizing the mainstream QIPC paradigms (qubits or trapped atoms). Quantum control in a nanometer-scale single molecule or atom circuits is achieved by manipulating electronic quantum states by the presence of single ad-atoms in order to implement quantum logic gates and, in the longer term, by using single molecule latching. Single molecule-motor motive power and single molecule calculating power limits open the way to explore the fundamentals of a quantum description of the atomic and molecular nano-world.

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