Second quantum revolution has to start from people. How?

Education and outreach are the key! The best contributions on this way are:

  • Learning by exploring education resources to become it’s driving force.
  • Funding different projects with the aim to ensure and drive this new revolution.
  • Creating the cutting edge education and outreach activities.

This “Resource to learn about quantum” aims to be a support for the diverse community of learners, educators and policymakers making the 2nd quantum revolution.

How the data is collected

We are building the resource using various channels. We collect education activities and outreach programs about quantum science and technologies during different workshops around Europe, running a series of surveys, coordinating and supporting outreach programs for schools and universities at the European scale and new networks between people and infrastructures who teach and learn about quantum at different levels.

How the data is organized

The data collected is organized in two independent databases:

  1. Education & training: featuring formal and informal education and training courses and programs.
  2. Outreach materials: featuring materials, activities and contents for outreahc in quantum technologies.
How to add your activity?

With the aim to expand the community engaged in quantum science and technology education, the Quantum Flagship is available to collect new data at any time.

Send us an e-mail to with your educational program or outreach naterail.

Your contribution is highly appreciated!