Education & Outreach

The second quantum revolution has to start from people. How?

Education and outreach are the keys! The best contributions along this way are:

  • Learning by exploring education resources to become the driving force of the second quantum revolution.
  • Funding different projects with the aim to ensure and drive this new revolution.
  • Creating cutting-edge education and outreach activities and tools.
Education and outreach databases

In order to support the diverse community of learners, educators, and policymakers driving the 2nd quantum revolution Quantum Flagship created the following independent databases:

  1. Education & training: featuring formal and informal education and training opportunities like courses and programs.
  2. Outreach materials: featuring materials, activities, contents, and tools for dissemination and training in quantum technologies.
  3. Job & Internship: this database features also internships in companies and research institutions for undergraduate and graduate students.
  4. Events: featuring events for research, education, and outreach like meetings, conferences, workshops, schools, hackathons, festivals, and others.
Add your activity or materials!

The new entries are welcome at any time in order to expand the community engaged in quantum science and technology education. If you want to add your opportunity or materials to the public databases, use the following links:

  1. Submit an education opportunity
  2. Submit your education or outreach material 
  3. Submit your internship opportunities
  4. Submit your education or outreach event 

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at Your contribution is highly appreciated!