QIA - Quantum Internet Alliance


The QIA mission is to develop a Blueprint for a pan-European entanglement-based Quantum Internet, by developing, integrating and demonstrating all the functional hardware and software subsystems.

The project

QIA’s systematic Blueprint forms a systems architecture and design for a large-scale Quantum Internet. This Blueprint is based on a methodical improvement of all key components – many of which already now define the world-wide state of the art – guided by an overall systems design process including the verification and validation of all sub-systems.

The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) targets a Blueprint for a pan-European Quantum Internet by ground-breaking technological advances, culminating in the first experimental demonstration of a fully integrated stack running on a multi-node quantum network.

QIA will push the frontier of technology in both end nodes (trapped ion qubits, diamond NV qubits, neutral atom qubits) and quantum repeaters (rare-earth-based memories, atomic gases, quantum dots) and demonstrate the first integration of both subsystems. We will achieve entanglement and teleportation across three and four remote quantum network nodes, thereby making the leap from simple point-to-point connections to the first multi-node networks. We will demonstrate the key enabling capabilities for memory-based quantum repeaters, resulting in proof-of-principle demonstrations of elementary long-distance repeater links in the real world, including the longest such link worldwide.

Hand in hand with hardware development, we will realize a software stack that will provide fast, reactive control and allow arbitrary high-level applications to be realized in platform-independent software. QIA’s industry partners examine real-world use cases of application protocols and their hardware requirements. We validate the full stack on a small Quantum Internet by performing an elementary secure quantum cloud computation. We validate the design of the Blueprint architecture by a large-scale simulation of a pan-European Quantum Internet. Through a synergy of leading industrial, academic, and RTO partners, QIA’s Blueprint will set the stage for a strong European Quantum Internet industry.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No820445.