Teaching Science in Today’s Society: The Case of Particle Physics for Primary Schools

The rapid changes in science and technology witnessed in recent decades have significantly contributed to the arousal of the awareness by decision-makers and the public as a whole of the need to strengthen the connection between outreach activities of universities and research institutes and the activities of educational institutions, with a central role played by schools. While the relevance of the problem is nowadays unquestioned, no unique and fully satisfactory solution has been identified. In the present paper we would like to contribute to the discussion on the subject by reporting on an ongoing project aimed to teach Particle Physics in primary schools. We will start from the past and currently planned activities in this project in order to establish a broader framework to describe the conditions for the fruitful interplay between researchers and teachers. We will also emphasize some aspects related to the dissemination of outreach materials by research institutions, in order to promote the access and distribution of scientific information in a way suited to the different age of the target students.

This paper is an extended version from the proceeding paper: Cristina Lazzeroni. Particle Physics for Primary Schools—Enthusing Children to Modern Science. In Proceedings of the 1st Electronic Conference on Universe: online, 22–28 February 2021.

Quantum Field Theories, High Energy Physics, Compact Objects, General Relativity and Gravitation, Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Deep Space Probes
Special Issue “Selected Papers from the 1st International Electronic Conference on Universe (ECU 2021)”