Quantum technologies - Course for teachers

The purpose of the course is to enhance physics teachers’ knowledge and awareness of topics related to quantum computation and quantum information, and of their relevance for technological advancement. Besides their objective importance, also stressed by several authors and projects, the choice of topics not traditionally covered in the final year physics curricula also arises from the concrete possibility of developing a multidisciplinary path, able to represent under a unified perspective several subjects treated in secondary school physics and mathematics.
The materials for the course were developed in the context of the Italian PLS (Plan for Science Degrees) and in collaboration with the education section of the Quantum Flagship.
The materials are meant to complement an educational path lasting about 30 hours and arestructured according to the following steps 1) introduction to physics problem of classical computation; 2) building the quantum logic language and the origin of quantum algorithms; 3) introduction to entanglement and development of quantum protocols.