Quantum SpinOff - Connecting schools with high-tech research and entrepreneurship

Teams of pupils, guided by their science teachers create a responsible and socially relevant valorization of a scientific paper in collaboration with actual researchers and entrepreneurs. They first study quantum physics in school through the Quantum SpinOff learning stations: they follow a conceptual approach and use for instance the analogy between musical standing waves and quantization of electron waves in the atom. The learning path is also supported by hands-on experiments like the measurement of Planck’s constant with LEDs, the measurement of the emission lines of hydrogen, etc. After this conceptual introduction, the pupils come in contact with the real world of quantum technology: they visit high-tech research labs and compete for the European Quantum Spin-Off Prize. Scientific and technological insights, creativity and responsible entrepreneurship are all taken into account by a jury of experts. Science teachers are trained in international and national workshops to support the inquiry learning process of their pupils. The project won the Scientix Resources Award in the
Category: STEM-learning materials for students. It received a final score of 80% by the European Commission and it was mentioned in a list of interesting practices as an annex to the report “Science education for responsible citizenship”, prepared by a Science Education Expert Group (SEEG) nominated by the Commission. The aim of this report was to support the preparation of the new Science Education policy initiatives and policy options and to develop specific actions to be included in the Science with and for Society (SwafS) work programs. You can find the Quantum Spinoff project also in the Scientix portal.


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Renaat Frans