Quantum Odyssey: we made learning quantum computing fun

By rethinking the way quantum algorithms are designed today and the methods used to teach quantum computation, a small startup has developed a fully visual and gamified method to learn quantum physics and design quantum computing algorithms.

The learning method proposed by Quark Interactive replaces Dirac’s bra-ket notation and linear algebra used today, with a fun and visual puzzle-building approach to be used in learning or discovering new quantum algorithms. This new method is capable of faithfully representing algorithm building using the universal quantum gate model framework.

One of the biggest challenges in the industry today is training the new generation of cross-disciplinary learners to become quantum computing savvy. Quarks Interactive aims towards simplifying the background needed by the learner to discover quantum algorithms, ​specifically by removing the entry barrier of a relatively high level of mathematics. Thus, the learning process becomes fun and engaging.

The software made by the young startup has been tested in schools through the Innovate UK BB/T018666/1 grant and is further refined through this grant to become suitable for teaching the foundations of quantum computing to children of ages 12 and above.