Quantum Moves 2

Quantum Moves 2 ( is a citizen science game in which players help researchers to solve and understand real problems in cutting-edge quantum research. In QM2, the gameplay replicates the Physics behind several Quantum Optimal Control problems.  The team at Aarhus University have studied how player solutions to QM2 perform better than a computer could on it’s own at solving the complex Quantum research problems the gameplay represents. This result highlights the potential for crowdsourcing the solution of future quantum research problems. You can read more about the background to QM2 in the publication “Crowdsourcing human common sense for quantum control”

As a tool for outreach, QM2 can be used to introduce students to the Quantum world through the concept of potential. Another game developed at Aarhus University, Potential Penguin ( , which challenges players to guide a penguin to a goal in a modifiable (classical) potential landscape can be used in conjunction with QM2 to highlight similarities and differences between the classical and quantum worlds. In addition, the nature of QM2 as a citizen science game, in which solutions are contributing to genuine research problems, is an excellent motivator for students to play and develop intuition for QM as they do so.