Playing with a Quantum Computer: teaching approach

The high public attention given to quantum computing shows that it is perceived as an interesting topic. We want to utilize this motivating effect for the teaching and learning of quantum physics. Specifically, we want to take advantage of the access to real quantum computers, which various providers make available free of charge. We show a direct and straightforward way to use quantum computers in an introductory course on quantum physics. We use an algorithm that solves a simple and easily understandable problem while providing a quantum advantage. The algorithm we propose is a simple game in which the use of quantum physics offers a winning advantage. The game is called Quantum Penny Flip and was proposed by David A. Meyer back in 1999. It can be easily reformulated to be described by quantum gates. We can therefore use it to teach the programming of a quantum computer. We demonstrate its implementation in IBM’s Quantum Composer.

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Franziska Greinert