Fun in Theory

The Fun in Theory event is provided in three parts:
1) Theory part: 45 min – 1 hour introductory lecture to increase participants’ motivation and curiosity to learn more about different theoretical physics branches, and to show participants the relevance of quantum mechanics, and other theories, in their everyday life, society and future.
2) Fun part: 2 hours long game, where participants continue familiarizing themselves with theoretical physics world while carrying out small game tasks and competing with each other for Fun in Theory prizes.
3) Socializing: free format part, where members of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Optics Laboratories together with the participants have free discussions, eat snacks, and the winners of Fun in Theory game get prizes.

The Fun in Theory as the approach and event is created and organized by the laboratories of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Optics in the University of Turku, Finland.

The beauty of this approach is high adaptivity to different audiences and different “Theory” or “Game” parts. The approach can be successfully used to kids, high school students, university students or any other audience, and during the event participants can learn about theoretical physics in general, or about one specific topic, like quantum technologies.

Each event has its own theme and is modified according to it. The crucial part of the Fun in Theory approach is the game, which also resonates with the theme. The game is conducted via smaller tasks, which vary from event to event. During the small tasks participants can learn new concepts or the general overviews on different theories, or the tasks can be planned just to create associations with different subjects.