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PhotonLab 3D posters

Posters We offer posters in a 3d-world so that school students can prepare themselves for a visit at the students lab "PhotonLab". We give an overview over selected experiments that can be performed by the students themselves during their visit.
Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics Garching Germany
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Structures nucléaires

Book Through classical physics, we propose a new atomic model, consisting of a set of nuclear structures explaining quantum numbers, chemical links and physical wave. This theory brings a new vision of quantum, optical, and semi-conduction phenomena. It can help innovation in the field of decarbonized energies, optics and chemistry.
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Quantenkoffer physics science kit - Introduction

Videos The Quantenkoffer is a quantum physics science kit for a multitude of experiments from 100 years of quantum optics.The key feature is its flexibility with regard to generation and detection of visible laser light, single photons and even entangled pairs. Its optical elements, mechanical components and digital circuits are integrated in order to cover a range of experiments and topics of quantum physics as wide as possible.This short video shows an intruduction to the science kit.
qutools GmbH Munich Germany
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Quantum Computing: from foundations to state-of-the-art of the hardware platforms

Live Webinar This is the first of two webinars which target anyone interested in learning about quantum computing: from foundations and hardware platforms, to quantum computing applications. Whether you are an business executive, a researcher or an IT professional, follow us in this journey through quantum computing.
IBM Research Zurich Zurich Switzerland
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