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Published on April 13th, 2018

Europe's QT community invited to participate in consultations on Quantum Technologies beyond H2020

The discussions on FP9 (next EU funding period) will enter a critical phase in May. QSA is therefore collecting input from the QT community on which measures should be taken to foster QT in Europe, additionally to funding research and innovation projects.

Below you can download a first draft of a working document, consolidating input from a number of previous consultations.

This draft also will be discussed during the Quantum Community Meeting in Oberkochen, the results from there will be included in an updated version of the document also being available here.

We invite you to give feedback to this paper and help develop it by sending your suggestions for concrete text to be added or changed, in track-change mode, to until May 2nd.

The resulting document will be sent to the European Commission in the first week of May.

  • Supporting QT byond H2020 v0.3 DOCX - 52.16 KB

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