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  • draft position paper draft position paper

    Draft position paper on Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits

    The draft position paper on Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits is available for download now. The document has been elaborated by the joint focus group between Photonics 21 and the Quantum Flagship.

  • future quantum workforce future quantum workforce

    Requirements for future quantum workforce: Third round of the survey

    The Education Coordination and Support Action (QTEdu CSA) of the Quantum Flagship, in collaboration with the QuIC, are carrying out a joint survey on the desired competencies and skills of the future quantum workforce. The third and final round is starting just now.

  • successful proposal Horizon Europe successful proposal Horizon Europe

    How to prepare a successful proposal in Horizon Europe

    An Open Informative Webinar Session for all interested applicants will be held next March 24th at 10am via Youtube. Read the news to find information on how to register and attend.

  • Agile and versatile quantum communication

    A team of researchers presents the first proof-of-principle demonstration of an agile and versatile quantum communication system, using signatures and secret sharing protocols in the same hardware sender and receiver platform.

  • Scalable quantum computers Scalable quantum computers

    A step closer towards scalable quantum computers

    An international team of researchers reports on single-electron operations in an industrially made silicon device, similar to those used as transistors, presenting a new method to manufacture spin-based quantum computers towards scalable quantum computers.

  • Quantum Computing Quantum Computing

    Quantum systems learn joint computing

    Researchers realize the first quantum-logic computer operation between two separate quantum modules in different laboratories.

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