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Mobile World Congress 2023 underlines Quantum technologies as part of the heart of Digital Europe

Published on February 21st, 2023
Banner of the European Quantum Space at MWC2023

The Quantum Flagship returns to the Mobile World Congress (MWC23) with the “European Quantum Space”. Located in Hall 4 – Stand 4A10, the stand gathers companies, startups and initiatives supported by the Quantum Flagship who will be showcasing the latest advances in the quantum field, making major product announcements, and receiving official visits from different European, national and local policymakers and government representatives.

This year, from February 27th to March 2nd, MWC23 will host The European Quantum Space, a zone dedicated at showcasing the innovation and most recent development in Quantum Technologies that Europe is driving forward. Curated by ICFO and located in Hall 4 – Stand 4A10, will feature the latest achievements and advances in this field, mainly focusing on quantum communication, sensing and computing, three of the areas of major interest within the field.

Four main areas will conform the stand: The Quantum Flagship, the Regional Initiatives, the Companies as well as the QT Club corner. Companies within the stand include Q-bird ; LuxQuanta; Qilimanjaro; IDQuantique Europe; Quside; Qnami; Terra Quantum, QMware. The initiatives European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS), Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) will have a dedicated area while QSNP and PASQUANS2 (starting in spring of 2023) will be making their official presentation within the QT Club corner.

The content of the stand aims to offer an in-depth view at the quantum industry ecosystem in Europe while learning more about the ecosystem, milestones and efforts in advancing quantum technology. That is why Philippe Grangier, the Coordinator of the Coordination and Support Action QUCATS, emphasizes that “The Quantum Flagship will welcome you in a special showroom: the European Quantum Space, hosting many quantum startups, new projects and initiatives, as well as the Quantum Industry Consortium, QuIC.  Devices on display as well as the presentation of commercial products will give the visitor an overall perspective on how mature this technology is. We invite all to come and see European Quantum Technologies in action”.

Major Announcements

The showcasing of novel prototypes and products is very much sought within this fair. Thus, there will be a series of major announcements, which are aimed to bring to the audience the materialization of cutting-edge quantum research transferred into tangible products and services that can have a major impact in our future society. Some of these major announcements will be held on Monday Feb 27 by Alberto Solana Qilimanjaro, on Tuesday Feb 28 by Fernando de la Iglesia- Quside, and Vanesa Díaz -LuxQuanta.

The QT Club Corner – Quantum Coffee talks

These announcements will be made during the Quantum Coffee talks occurring every day from 11:00-12:00h within the stand, as part of the Agenda of the QT Club. These talks by representatives from the companies and initiatives present will cover a wide range of topics related to quantum technology, including the latest research breakthroughs and applications in the industry. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions.

Booth of the European Quantum Space at the MWC2023
About Quantum Technologies in Europe

The Quantum Flagship is a European Commission 10-year initiative launched in October 2018 to accelerate the development of quantum technologies and their transition to the market. The Flagship brings together over 80 projects, many leading academic and industrial partners from across Europe to collaborate on the future of quantum technology. The goal is to consolidate and expand European scientific leadership and excellence in this research area, to kick-start a competitive European industry in Quantum Technologies and to make Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative research, business and investments in this field. More recently, Quantum Technologies have expanded to other European actions, e.g., within the Digital Europe Program (DEP), the European Innovation Council (EIC), and the forthcoming Chips Act. The QT are also supported by actions at the national levels, under the form of various National Quantum Initiatives.

Contact information

Communication office of the European Coordination and Support Action (CSA) QUCATS for Quantum Technologies

Chaymae Senhaji, Communication officer (CEA)

Caroline Sevin, International and European affairs officer (CEA)

MWC 2023 Quantum Flagship organizer 

Dr. Lydia Sanmarti Vila, KTT, outreach coordinator (ICFO)

Dr. Alina Hirschmann, Science communication officer and media relations (ICFO)

Marta Martín, Science communication officer (ICFO)

For more informatin visit the European Quantum Space website and the website of the Mobile World Congress 2023.

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