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KPIs for Quantum Tech in Europe: first values and 2030 targets announced

Published on October 28th, 2022

The Quantum Flagship set out ambitious Key Performance Indicators earlier this year – the first measured values and the long-term targets are now available.

The ‘Key Performance Indicators for Quantum Technologies in Europe’ were announced earlier this year to help monitor progress in all aspects of the European quantum ecosystem. These KPIs and their target values for the year 2030 were defined by experts from the quantum community and approved by the European Commission. A newly updated document now reveals the target values for the decade, along with the first set of measured values.

These first values – for the year 2021 – represent a baseline measurement of the KPIs and lay the groundwork for future monitoring. The measurement process was agreed upon by the Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board. Initiatives such as the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), Quantum Technology Education (QTEdu) and the Flagship research projects were surveyed. The European Patent Office and the European Commission will also provide data, to help map the complex quantum ecosystem of the EU as it continues to thrive.

The updated KPI Booklet with values can be downloaded here.

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