Flagship Kickoff in Vienna

Published on October 17th, 2018

The registration for the Quantum Technology Flagship kickoff in Vienna is now open.

This marks the point at which the first round of funded projects are presented to each other, to the community, and to the decisionmakers who are interested in supporting the flagship. On day two, the community as well as official groups reflect on the start and help set the flagship program on a successful trajectory for the next steps.

The Kickoff will be held in a great setting in Vienna – with a festive day at the Hofburg and a focused working day at the Academy of Sciences. Please join us in launching the program and setting it onto a successful path.

There are still some free spaces available for Monday. Please register fast to secure your spot.
Tuesday is fully booked, only spots for QCN members and the SRA-WG are available. We are working on a streaming option for parts of that day.

You will receive a registration confirmation 2-3 days after you register.

Note that organizing travel and hotel is up to you, the organizers cannot help or endorse any particular business.


Registration to the flagship kickoff in Vienna – Frequently asked questions

Q: This is a free event, why do I need to register?
A: Because we need to make sure we are not overcrowding the room and because we need to plan details of day 2

Q: How does registration work?
A: Once you follow the registration link, fill in your details, send them, then you see what the system recorded and confirm again.
After that, you get an automatic Email from our event organizer Denise Mayer that you were recorded. Within a few days, we will confirm your attendance

Q: I have registered and did not get confirmed – what is going on?
A1: We have so far processed all registrations we got until September 30. If you registered after that, you will hear from us soon.
A2: If you are overdue for a confirmation/rejection letter, be advised that we use a mailing service to send them and some Email systems delay messages from such services or mark them as spam. So, check your spam folder for Emails from Frank Wilhelm-Mauch
A3: If you realized that you forgot to confirm (so you do not even have the Email from Denise Mayer) or anything else went wrong: Don’t panic. Just register again, we still have space, but do it fast.

Q: Is the second day only for insiders of the flagship research projects?
A: Absolutely not. On the second day, there is such an internal session (the Science and Engineering Board) but there is also a broad consultation with the whole community, which you are welcome to join.


October 29 (Zeremoniensaal, Hofburg Wien)

(Entrance Botschafterstiege via Schweizerhof)

Morning: Project presentations and networking

Introductory remarks
09:00 From the Quantum Manifesto to launching the Quantum Flagship(J. Mlynek, Chair, High-Level-Steering Committee)

09:20 Quantum Flagship: The ramp-up phase and its governance (T. Skordas/G. Kalbe)

09:40 Networking activities of the European QT community(T. Calarco, Chair, Quantum Community Network)
Overview of funded projects in each application area, integrating fundamental science

10:00 Quantum Communication – Stephanie Wehner

10:15 Quantum Computing – Frank Wilhelm-Mauch

10:30 Quantum Simulation – Augusto Smerzi

10:45 Quantum Metrology and Sensing – Florian Schreck

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Pre-announcement of the next QuantERA call (S. Kostka, Coordinator, QuantERA)

11:45 Open floor: Stakeholders’ expectations towards the Flagship (moderated by J. Mlynek and T. Calarco)

13:00 Lunch + Posters of the funded projects

Afternoon: Festive launch of the Quantum Flagship

13.55 Musical opening

14:00 Welcome remarks by the Austrian presidency

14:15 Festive launch of the Quantum Flagship by Roberto Viola (Director General, DG CNECT, European Commission)

14:30 Scientific keynote by Anton Zeilinger (President, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

14:50 Industrial keynote by Thierry Breton (CEO, Atos)

15:10 High level policy debate on perspectives for Quantum Technologies in Europe (moderated by Ms Maryline Fiaschi from Science Business)

Part 1: Short introductions by Ministers from the Member States presenting
their national programmes on Quantum Technologies
Part 2: Discussion with the Ministers

17:00 Quantum ribbon cutting, Family Picture, and get-together

October 30 (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Community meeting

08:30-09:00 (QSA Track) Engaging with the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) WG and the Innovation WG

09:00-13:00 (QSA Track) Open discussions based on input expressed by participants upon registration – details at the event

09:00-13:00 (SEB Track)

Innovation Exploitation and IPR (IPR helpdesk / EPO)

Flagship projects’ common activities

Collaboration Agreement

International collaboration

13:00-14:00 Joint Lunch – Aula

14:00-15:00: (QSA Track) Innovation and Education discussion

15:00-16:00 (QSA Track) Engaging with the Quantum Community Network (QCN)

14:00-15:00 (SEB Track) Benchmarking

15:00-16:00 (SEB Track) Election of chair and vice chair

16:00-16:30 Closing Discussions

The first meeting of the Science and Engineering Board (SEB – invitation only) will take place in parallel.

QT Kickoff Agenda for Download
  • QT Kickoff Agenda for Download PDF - 541.71 KB

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