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ORCA Computing is a startup with a mission to build the world’s first useful quantum computer. ORCA’s multidisciplinary team of quantum scientists, engineers and mathematicians are combining single photons, optical fibres and off-the-shelf telecoms components to completely change the face of high-performance computing and networking. You will be highly intelligent and well trained in your area; creative and able to solve complex problems.
We are relaxed and friendly, but know what it takes to get things done, and are not afraid to challenge each other to achieve the very heights of what is possible.
We are seeking an excellent quantum optics physicist to work within our technical team, to take the lead on aspects of our experimental development. The ideal candidate should have a PhD in quantum optics or other related field, come with good references and be able to show examples of skill or talent in this field. We are particularly interested in candidates with prior experience in photonic quantum computing, non-linear or fibre optics.
Principal Responsibilities:
● Take responsibility for bringing experimental projects to a successful completion. These projects may include (and please note that it is not important that one individual has skills across all of these areas as they may be covered by different individuals)
○ Development of ORCA’s fibre-based quantum simulator,
○ Developing prototype systems for wavelength conversion,
○ Developing prototype systems for narrowband single photon generation,
○ Pulse-carving and optical modulation,
○ Researching, testing and comparing different single-emitter single photons sources,
○ Engineering projects focused on delivering better performance, reliability ruggedness and/or operability of prototype systems.
● Work with other team members, project manager and finance team to facilitate the smooth running of current and future projects. This is very much directed by the candidates interests, but may include:
○ brainstorming new project ideas,
○ proposal and patent writing,
○ developing budgets for future work,
○ developing accurate risk registers,
○ issue reporting and problem solving,
○ working on the commercial/business side of new inventions, including developing market cases and investor demonstrations or pitches.

How to apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and a copy of your CV/resume (including publication record) to: careers@orcacomputing.com

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Published on October 09, 2020

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