Quantum Information Scientist


Quandela is seeking a full-time research scientist to work on the development of quantum algorithms, protocols and applications for implementation on photonic platforms. You will be working with Dr Shane Mansfield in a growing team based at Quandela’s new facilities in the “Qampus” of quantum startups at Massy (a 30-minute train ride from central Paris).
The objectives are the development and tailoring of protocols for quantum information, computing and communication tasks for implementation on realistic near-term hardware. Key focus will be on exploring their utility for obtaining quantum speedups and advantages, the design of optimal photonic implementations, and integration with quantum computing software.
This is an opportunity to make an impact on early applications of quantum information technology to “real-world” challenges. While this is a theory role it will involve interactions with experimentalists and laboratory teams. It will also involve participation in collaborations with partner companies and academic research groups both locally and internationally.
Full details at http://quandela.com/apply-for-a-job

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Apply online via the Quandela website: http://quandela.com/apply-for-a-job

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Published on January 12, 2021

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