Quantum Engineer


What we do
ParityQC is the first architecture company for quantum optimization on a quantum computer. With our architecture we enable all current hardware platforms to solve real world optimization problems with our blueprint to build scalable, fully programmable and parallelizable chips that are greatly reduced in complexity. The most important advantage is that it separates the problem from the interactions and therefore shifts it from hardware to software.
Who are we searching for
Quantum computers are currently making its way from academic experiments to industry-ready hardware. At ParityQC we believe that progress in quantum computing will be achieved only by co-development of quantum hardware and quantum algorithms. We are searching for a quantum physicist who wants to join the next quantum revolution by defining the standards of future quantum computers.
Your tasks
The task is to develop novel quantum algorithms that will run-on near-term quantum devices. The core of ParityQC is a novel architecture which translates optimization problems to a lattice gauge model. We develop algorithms, both digital and analog for our architecture. The focus of our company is the co-development of hardware and software, which requires both, theoretical knowledge of quantum information theory as well as a deep understanding of the current qubit platforms.
Required Skills & Experience
• PhD in quantum physics (theoretical physics), experience in quantum computing and/or mathematics
• Programming skills (languages: Python, C, C++)
• High degree of creativity and pro-activeness
• Ability to work self-initiated and independently
• Fluency in English
Preferred Experience
• A proven track record quantum physics and in particular quantum information
• German skills are a plus, but not required
What we offer
We are a young spin-off working in one of the most exciting emerging technology fields. There are no long-time proven concepts on what we are doing – we need to invent everything from scratch, and we are therefore able to shape a whole new generation of computing. We are pioneers in this field and develop the blueprints for the upcoming generations.
Hard Facts
Job: full time
Hours of work per week: 38,5 h
Remuneration based on experience
Place: Innsbruck
Contact: magdalena@parityqc.com

How to apply

Please send your cover and your CV with all relevant information and references to magdalena@parityqc.com

Magdalena Hauser Co-Founder, CEO Apply for this job

Published on November 12, 2020

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