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PhD student in theoretical physics -- Synthetic Quantum Matter Analysis with Tensor Networks

Peter Grünberg Institute for Quantum Control (PGI-8) at Forschungszentrum Jülich

In the rapidly growing field of Quantum Technologies, our Institute (PGI-8) plays a central role in national and international research activities, attracting increasingly more industrial partners, too.
The Synthetic Quantum Matter group at PGI-8, led by Prof. Dr. M. Rizzi, deals more specifically with the shaping of many-body phenomena in “analog quantum simulators”, even beyond the traditional limitations of condensed matter physics. A central pillar sustaining this research activity is represented by numerical methods managing quantum entanglement in a practical way, namely Tensor Networks. By their use, we can also benchmark the computational gain attainable via noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices.
We look for candidates interested mainly in numerical work (but not only, of course), consisting in a flexible combination of the following:
▪ Using and further developing existing tensor network libraries and algorithms, possibly enriching them with tools coming from the machine learning community
▪ Designing quantum-optical schemes for synthetic quantum matter platforms (e.g., engineering of interesting states, conceiving of observables suitable for their detection, …)
▪ Investigating phases of matter where entanglement plays a key role, making them amenable to constitute the basis for developing quantum technologies
▪ Interfacing these research lines with the quantum optimal control activity of the PGI-8 institute
▪ Regularly interacting with experimentalist partners to get into a constructive feedback loop
A rich exchange with other international nodes within EU projects is foreseen, with generous resources available.

How to apply

Please apply in English online at: with proof of the sought qualifications: a cover letter (statement of purpose), a full CV, academic certificates and transcripts (bachelor, master) and any other supporting certificates, as well as the indication of professionals to whom we may ask a letter of reference. The reference number is 2020D-066. The initial application deadline is 30.11.2020 -- submissions beyond that could be considered until the position is filled.

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Published on November 05, 2020

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