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PhD position in “Long-distance spin-photon entanglement” at University of Geneva

Universiy of Geneva

The institution: The Department of Applied Physics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland is a world-class research institution in the growing field of Quantum Science and Technology ( We have many active collaborations with the national Swiss and international research community, including three projects within the European Quantum Flagship, and we are locally home to a network of internationally recognized research groups working on quantum repeaters, quantum key distribution, quantum non-locality and entanglement, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum biophotonics.
The research lab: The Quantum Repeater and Memories (qram) group headed by Mikael Afzelius is a leading laboratory in quantum repeater research, with an excellence in developing solid-state spin-photon interfaces at the quantum level. Our motivation is to perform intellectually stimulating and challenging experimental research, with potential future applications.
Project description: The PhD candidate will work on developing our quantum repeater node based on europium doped Y2SiO5 crystals. The goal is to demonstrate entanglement between europium spins and a telecom photon after a propagation of the photon of 10s of km, with a long quantum memory lifetime and high efficiency. To this aim the student will work on coherent spin control techniques, cavity-enhancement of the memory efficiency, and on techniques to witness remote so-called single-photon entanglement.

How to apply

Requirements: We seek highly motivated and skilled candidates with a solid background in coherent light-matter interactions/spectroscopy and quantum optics. Candidates should hold the equivalence of a European Masters diploma in Physics. A PhD degree takes 3-4 years to obtain at University of Geneva. How to apply: Applications should be submitted by email. A complete application should include a short motivation letter, a CV, a list of Bachelor and Masters courses (with grades), and at least two recommendation letters or the names of at least two potential referees and their relationship to the candidate.

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Published on January 12, 2021

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