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Two postdoctoral positions in quantum computing for quantum materials

Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University

We invite applications for two post-doctoral researchers in the field of quantum computing, focused on the development of quantum algorithms to investigate and design strongly correlated quantum many-body systems and quantum materials. The prospective postdocs will work on developing quantum circuit algorithms to predict quantum phase transitions in interacting quantum many-body systems. We aim to use a methodology that relies on measurements of fluctuations to predict quantum phase transitions in a manner that is resilient to the decoherence in quantum computers.
The prediction of quantum phase transitions is an open problem in quantum many-body physics with strong connections to the understanding of quantum materials, including high-temperature superconductivity and fractional quantum matter. The solution of quantum many-body problems, especially in two and three dimensions, represents one of most promising and immediate applications of near-term quantum computers. The capability to tackle these important problems provides a stepping-stone towards the understanding and design of completely new forms of quantum matter, potentially opening a whole new direction of research in quantum physics and quantum materials. From a practical standpoint, decoherence in quantum circuits requires algorithms that are robust to noise. The project will exploit a novel Lee-Yang theory of quantum phase transitions, which harnesses the analytic properties of generating function in the complex plan. The methodology relies on the measurement of fluctuations in a quantum many-body system and should be robust to the presence of moderate decoherence.

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Jose L. Lado & Christian Flindt Apply for this job

Published on February 13, 2023

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