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Technical Project Manager in Photonic Quantum Technology

Fraunhofer IOF

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena conducts applied research in optical system technology on behalf of the industry and as part of publicly funded joint projects. The range of services offered by the Fraunhofer IOF includes system solutions, starting with new design concepts, through the development of technologies, manufacturing and measuring methods to the construction of prototypes and pilot series for applications in the wavelength range from millimeter to nanometer.
The Fraunhofer IOF is also pioneering applied optical quantum technology research and offers innovative solutions for science and industry wherever quantum systems have the potential for revolutionary applications.
For the Department of Emerging Technologies, we are seeking highly motivated Postdoc candidates to join the »Quantum Communication Technologies« group. Research in the group focuses on applied quantum technologies – from methods for manipulating and transmitting quantum states of light, to system-level applications in quantum communication and photonic quantum information processing. Our goal is to transfer quantum technologies from the laboratory to practical applications in quantum communication and information processing.
We are seeking a technical project manager with a background in experimental physics, optical communications, or quantum science to support our team in research projects related to:
– Photonic Quantum Simulation and Quantum Computing
– Quantum key distribution systems for fiber networks and/or free-space links
– Entangled photon generation and quantum state engineering
– Development of field-ready quantum hardware
Your immediate responsibilities could include the following:
– Management of photonic quantum technology research projects.
– Design, communicate, and implement the project; monitor the progress and performance; take action to resolve operational problems and minimize delays.
– Identify, develop, and gather the resources necessary to complete the project.
– Assure the coordination of requirements with R&D and external/internal partners.
– Create / control / monitor project scope and ensure project deliveries.
– Coach and mentor project staff and assist them to solve problems.
– Facilitating application-oriented research in quantum technology.
– Coordination and initiation of collaborative research projects.
Fraunhofer IOF is pioneering applied quantum optics research and offers innovative solutions for science and industry wherever quantum systems have the potential for revolutionary applications. Research topics range from enabling photonic technologies to development of complete quantum communication, quantum imaging, and photonic quantum information processing systems.
Fraunhofer IOF provides access to the entire photonics process chain from basic research in nonlinear optics and advanced fiber technology to nanofabrication, micro-assembly and systems integration.
Successful candidates will thus have research opportunities in quantum information science, technology development, applied photonics, and industry.
For more information see also:
What we expect from you
– With a PhD (or equivalent) in Physics, Photonics, Laser Technology or a closely related field of research, applicants should have research experience in quantum technology or related research.
– Successful candidates will be enthusiastic to take project responsibility in a team with collaborators in academia and industry.
– Applicants must have excellent communication skills, the ability to keep clear records, to work independently and to coordinate collaborative research activities and field demonstrations.
– An ability to prepare scientific publications and research proposals, and to present results at local, national, and international research meetings and trade shows is expected.
– Applicants are expected to bring or acquire basic knowledge of agile project management (preferably Scrum and / or Kanban). Applicants preferably have a project management certification (preferably CAPM, PMP, or Lean Six Sigma).
– Proficiency in English language is required.
– Proficiency in German language is beneficial.
Prior research experience in any of the following fields is highly beneficial:
Photonic technology
– Laser Technology, Pulse shaping and electro-optic modulation, Photonic Integration
– Nonlinear Optics, Optical parametric oscillators, frequency combs
Quantum information processing
– Continuous-Variable Quantum Information Processing
– Cluster state quantum computing
Quantum Communication
– Quantum cryptography, quantum random number generation
– Quantum key distribution in fiber networks and/or free-space links
Experimental Quantum optics
– Squeezed light, entangled photon and single-photon generation
– Single-Photon Detection Technology (SSNSPD, TES, SPAD)
What you can expect from us
– Cooperation in a collegial, open-minded team in a well-equipped work environment
– Personal and professional development opportunities in challenging R&D projects
– Networking with first-class industrial partners and research groups
– Access to state-of-the-art research and engineering infrastructure:
– Engineering facilities (Fiber technology, nanofabrication, …)
– Fiber network and a 40-km lab-to-lab fiber link for quantum communication
– Free-space optics testbed for satellite quantum communications
– Flexible working hours and a family-friendly workplace
– Appointment, remuneration and social security benefits based on the public-sector collective wage agreement (TVöD).
The working time consists of 39 hours per week.
The position is initially limited for 2 years.
In case of identical qualifications preference will be given to severely disabled candidates.
We would like to point out that the chosen job title also includes the third gender.
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft emphasises gender-independent professional equality.
This vacancy is also available on a part-time basis.
Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Our research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. As a result, the work undertaken by our researchers and developers has a significant impact on people’s lives. We are creative. We shape technology. We design products. We improve methods and techniques. We open up new vistas.
If we could arise your interest please apply with all necessary documents through our online applicant management system.

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If we could arise your interest please apply with all necessary documents through our online applicant management system.

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Published on September 30, 2021

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