LuxQuanta is a vibrant start-up ready to take up the Quantum Communications market delivering solutions that harvest the properties of quantum physics to secure communications.
The company was born just last year as a spin-off from ICFO (The Institute of Photonic Sciences) and it is already planning a strong expansion to lead the fast paced-market of Quantum Communications in Europe. So if you want to jump on an incredible journey of professional growth in one of the most amazing and highest growth industries in the world this is your chance
The development of a QKD system requires a highly multidisciplinary R&D team, ranging from experts in photonic communication and integration, to electronic and FPGA engineers, and software developers with a strong background in cryptography and network integration. For that, we are seeking an experienced software developer to assist in the development of the full software stack.
• Development of secure socket communication protocols between hardware-server, server-server, and server-client
• Enhancement of existing high-throughput data processing applications via multiprocessing and GPU.
• Definition and development of databases (SQL and NoSQL) for cryptographic key management.
• Development of REST APIs for software communication.
• Implementation of standards and protocols in quantum communications and key distribution.
• Software developer with more than 4 years of experience with strong Linux, C and Python background.
• Proficient in Object oriented programming
• Proficient in socket communication.
• Expertise in using SSH protocol for remote development and code deployment.
• Experience in multiprocessing and GPU programming (desired).
• Coding practices (DevOps, git workflow, test-driven development).
• Full time job – 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday.
• Competitive salary.
• Private parking.
• Motivated multidisciplinary team.
• Flexible working hours.
• Private health insurance

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Published on June 17, 2022

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