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SALI, Professorship of Quantum Technology

Tyndall National Institute / University College Cork

The Professor of Quantum Technology will lead fundamental quantum physics and/or quantum materials and/or Quantum technology research of international distinction and significantly contribute to the rapidly growing quantum research ecosystem in UCC and Tyndall.
1. Demonstrate clear vision and strategy to create a world-class fundamental quantum physics and/or quantum materials and/or quantum technology research program at UCC, and Tyndall.
2. Mentor, support and advise junior staff as appropriate and assist in their academic career development in teaching and research at the UCC Physics Department and foster the research and scholarship of other individuals and groups within associated
academic research units at Tyndall.
3. Play a leading scientific and leadership role in developing a Quantum Physics centre of excellence at UCC, by identify and helping to recruit leading academic physicists, by stimulate the development of laboratory and other research facilities, and by creating a
vibrant and nationally significant quantum physics research community at UCC.
4. Engage in world leading research and scholarship of international standing and
contribute to the advancement of knowledge of fundamental quantum physics and/or quantum materials and/or quantum technology all within the umbrella of eventual applications in Quantum Technology; and publish their research in the globally leading peer-reviewed publications, creative works or other forms of scholarship appropriate to
the discipline;
5. Carry out and lead as appropriate, initiatives in generating research income and assist in the coordination of research funding activities within the Department of Physics and Tyndall.
6. Foster development of a Quantum Physics centre of excellence at UCC by initiatives including international recruitment of distinguished physicists, design and development of world-class laboratory and research facilities, and by leading a vibrant quantum physics research community at UCC.
7. Publish research in appropriate peer‐reviewed publications, conferences or other forms
of scholarship appropriate to fundamental quantum physics and/or quantum materials
and/or quantum technology. Recruit, supervise PhD students and post-doctoral staff to deliver on the strategic priorities of the Department of Physics and Tyndall
8. Engage in other scholarly activities relevant to the discipline.
Teaching & Examining
9. Promote excellence in teaching and learning and support in both the development and application of innovative teaching and learning methodologies within the Department of Physics. Teach and examine on relevant courses at undergraduate and postgraduate
level as assigned by the Head of the Department of Physics;
10.Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers.
11.Contribute to, and take a leadership role where appropriate in, the regular evaluation of curricula, and the development of new curricular initiatives;
12.Perform a significant role in the development of postgraduate studies at Physics at UCC.
13.Play a significant role in the maintenance of academic standards and in the development of the curriculum within his/her subject areas; to give the students attending his/her ordinary lectures assistance in their studies, by advice, by informal instruction, by occasional and periodic examination, and otherwise,
as s/he may judge to be expedient; also, to make such arrangements as s/he sees fit to make to meet students who have individual queries;
14. to give instruction to his/her students and assist them in the pursuit of knowledge;
to hold, or assist at, all University examinations in the subjects with which s/he is an
14.Enhance the promotion of the discipline both inside and outside UCC and Tyndall and contribute to the overall intellectual life of the University and society;
15.Serve if required as head of the Department of Physics subject to relevant University regulations, statutes and management requirements;
16.Motivate concentrated research excellence by playing a leadership role in the UCC physics research community
17.Actively seek to develop links with professional bodies and external agencies, where appropriate;
18.Contribute to relevant administrative duties within the Department of Physics and Tyndall, and to act as a member of such committees as may be required by the Head of the Department of Physics;
19.Fulfil other duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned by the UCC Head of Physics.
20.Carry out other duties as may arise as identified in relevant University carry out administrative and other appropriate duties lawfully allocated to them
within their department or other academic unit;
if a member of the Academic Council, to attend its meetings; to serve upon all the committees to which s/he may be appointed by the Governing
Body or the Academic Council, and to assist and co-operate with the Governing Body in such other reasonable ways as the Governing Body may prescribe, for the maintenance of discipline and good conduct among the students, or for the general business of the
The above listing is not exclusive or exhaustive and the post holder may be required to undertake duties as may reasonably be expected. All staff are required to be flexible, co-operative and professional within the needs of the post and the Discipline/Department/School, College and University. The University is undertaking a
major reform of its internal structures which may necessitate possible future changes in the organisation of its activities.
Selection Criteria
The successful candidate will be expected to have:
1. A doctorate in quantum physics or in a closely related area of quantum technology
2. The ability to contribute substantially to the development of fundamental quantum
physics and/or quantum materials and/or quantum technology research at UCC and
Tyndall (Essential);
3. Demonstrated strategic thinking with strong personal vision, excellent communication and interpersonal skills commensurate with leading and supporting
a large research team, and the ability to collaborate with other institutional and industrial partners (Essential);
4. Demonstrable experience of leadership in advancing gender equality (Desirable);
5. Commitment to development of a centre for quantum physics research excellence at UCC by international recruitment of distinguished physicists, design and
development of world-class laboratory and research facilities, and by working to create a vibrant and internationally significant quantum physics research
community at UCC. (Essential);
6. Demonstrated international standing as a leading researcher and scholar in fundamental quantum physics and/or quantum materials and/or quantum
technology research as evidenced through prestigious fellowships and awards, and contributions through research outputs, including peer-reviewed publications in
journals and conference proceedings and major scientific and intellectual achievements (Essential);
7. Evidence of ability and willingness to collaborate with colleagues on research projects, engage with other related disciplines (Essential);
8. Evidence of ability and willingness to attract funding through competitive research grants or other sources as relevant (Essential);
9. Evidence of successful research supervision, as appropriate for the discipline (Essential);
10.Experience of research impact through commercialisation or end-user adoption (Desirable);
11.Evidence of having managed a research team including post-doctoral researchers and grant management (Essential);
12.Experience of research in close collaboration with industry, public or non-profit organisations (Desirable);
Teaching and Examining
13.The ability to teach, inspire and supervise students, communicate ideas and concepts in a teaching and learning environment and where the opportunity has
existed, to develop and lead postgraduate supervision to doctorate level (Essential);
14.Demonstrated commitment to excellence in research-led teaching and learning in Quantum Technology, at undergraduate and postgraduate level and a willingness to both contribute to and/or lead in the development of the existing and new teaching programmes (Essential);
15.Evidence of a contribution to innovation in teaching and in curriculum or programme development, review and evaluation (Desirable);
16.A familiarity with and willingness to use modern pedagogies and teaching technologies (Desirable);
17.Proven administrative experience and evidence of holding significant positions of responsibility (Essential);
18.Evidence of significant participation in relevant academic and professional
associations/bodies as appropriate (Desirable);
19.Ability to participate in and contribute to the overall intellectual life of the University, Tyndall, the academic discipline and society at large (Essential);
20.Excellent communication, interpersonal and mentoring skills (Essential).
21.An understanding of, and empathy with, the concerns of students (Essential);
22.Evidence of ability to work on own initiative as well as part of a team (Essential);
23.A commitment to the long term development of the discipline (Essential).
The University, at its discretion, may undertake to make an additional appointment(s) from this competition following the conclusion of the process.
The successful applicant will be required to participate in a relevant IMI/UCC Senior Leadership Development Programme (or equivalent programme) to further develop leadership capabilities, and undertake such training in teaching, learning and examining as
may be required by the Head of the Department of Physics. Please contact Staff Wellbeing & Development directly at on taking up your position to find out arrangements for forthcoming programmes.
The post is a permanent whole time post. The appointee to the post shall work under the direction of the Head of Department of Physics and/or Head of College and shall discharge such duties as are assigned to him/her.
The current remuneration is as detailed below.*
First Point €124,683
Second Point €131,793
Third Point €138,902
Fourth Point €146,012
Fifth Point €153,121
Sixth Point €157,612
*The salary includes a premium of 1/19th for pensionable staff paying contributions.
Class A1 rate of Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) applies to the post. Salary payment is also subject to deduction of PAYE, Pension and Statutory Levies.
As required by public pay policy for the higher education sector, new appointments to a direct entry recruitment grade will generally be at the minimum (1st point) of the
relevant scale.
For existing public servants, the restriction to the first point on scale may be varied where a person is appointed to the same or an analogous grade, role or position as
their previous public service employment.
The rate of remuneration for all appointments may be adjusted from time to time in line
with government policy.
A comprehensive Annual Leave and Sick Leave scheme is in operation, details of which will be sent on appointment. Annual leave will be in accordance with the University’s custom and practice but ordinarily shall not be more than a total of seven weeks per annum inclusive of Christmas and Easter College Closure days. All leave arrangements must be agreed in advance with your Head of Department. Sick leave will be granted in line with University policy in this regard which may change from time to time. You should familiarise yourself with the University Sick Leave Policy and University Sick Leave Management Policy.
Pension: The appointee will become a member of the Single Public Service Pension scheme, which provides personal retirement benefits as well as benefits for spouses and children. The contribution rate comprises 3% of pensionable remuneration and 3½% of net pensionable remuneration. Tax relief is accrued on these payments. The UCC Income Continuance Plan (ICP) provides a source of income in the event of long
or short-term temporary disability. As part of your contract of employment you will be automatically included in the ICP with effect from the same date provided you have not previously opted out of the plan or you have been declined for cover under previous contracts of employment with UCC. The cost of membership of the plan will be deducted from your salary. The current membership rate is 1.05% of your salary.
Candidate Brief
Additional dependants’ benefits can be provided by membership of the Supplementary Life Assurance Scheme. You will be automatically included as a member of the scheme on commencement of your employment but you may elect to opt out of the scheme at any stage.
The current membership rate is 0.26% of your salary.
Membership of the Group Personal Accident Scheme shall apply to all employees, subject to individual acceptance by the Insurance Company. The salary quoted is subject to a deduction from salary at the rate of .06%
All employees University College Cork (UCC), are governed by UCC employment policies and procedures as detailed on the Human Resources website. All staff members are required to adhere to and cooperate with the University at all times with regard to these policies and
procedures. In particular staff members are requested to familiarise themselves with the Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, the Duty of Respect and Right to Dignity Policy, and the Acceptable Use Policies. UCC reserves the right to make changes to these policies or to
introduce new policies from time to time. Notification will be given to all staff of any such new
policies or changes to existing policies.
Voluntary Health Insurance: A VHI/Laya/ Aviva Health/ GlowHealth/HSA group scheme is in operation and contribution may be deducted from salary, with effect from the Scheme’s renewal date (May of each year).
Additional benefits: We offer progressive employment and training policies including opportunities for further studies. Staff can avail of membership of a variety of clubs and societies and a wide range of facilities on campus, including a leisure centre.
As an equal opportunities employer we offer a comprehensive suite of flexible working and
family friendly initiatives. A list of such initiatives is available on our webpage.
Shortlisted candidates for posts shall be required to appear before a Board of Assessors .
The interview may occur over more than one day. There will also be an opportunity to visit
the campus and meet informally with members of the University leadership team.
A successful candidate will be required to submit a birth certificate, documentary evidence
confirming academic qualifications, and to undergo a medical examination. Garda vetting
and/or an international police clearance may also be required.
References will be sought in relation to all candidates invited to attend for interview.
UCC welcomes applications from non-EEA citizens. However, regulations regarding employment
permits are set by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment and must be strictly
adhered to. An offer of appointment to Non-EEA candidates is subject to the granting of a Work
Permit by the Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment.
Candidates may be required to produce documentary evidence to support any statements made
by them on their application form or any supporting documentation. Candidates should note
that the submission of any inaccurate information will invalidate their application.
Note: Candidates should note that any inaccurate information will invalidate their application

How to apply

A full job description can be found here Applications must be submitted online via the University College Cork vacancy portal ( Queries relating to the online application process should be referred to, quoting the job-title. Candidates should apply, in confidence, before 12 noon (Irish Local Time) on Thursday, 12th May 2022 No late applications will be accepted. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYER

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Published on April 04, 2022

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