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Research Scientist, Optical Computing and Quantum Photonics Hardware

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland

Are you interested in optical computing and quantum photonics hardware and looking for a new job opportunity in the field?
VTT is one of the leading research organizations in Europe and we are operating the largest R&D cleanroom in the Nordic countries, located in Micronova premises, Espoo. We develop innovative on-chip micro, nano and quantum systems driven, especially, by different sensing and computing applications. We work with global industrial and academic players of different fields of technology. What unites us at VTT are the curiosity, passion of learning and devotion to finding solutions to global challenges.
We are looking for an ambitious and results oriented researcher with a strong background in photonics. As a researcher at VTT, you will have a key role in the development of new hardware components for optical computing and quantum photonics applications, with a focus on photonic integrated circuits (PICs), especially based on silicon photonics. You identify and solve problems independently and creatively, while working closely and flexibly with a team of experts. You focus on the component and system level design of PICs to meet the needs of optical computing, communication and sensing applications, which you analyze in detail. Ideally you also understand the basics of PIC fabrication and testing and, in general, combine a strong theoretical background with a good level of technology awareness and an application oriented mindset. 
In this position, you have the opportunity to develop cutting-edge PIC technology for the rapidly evolving fields of optical computing, artificial intelligence, neuromorphic networks, and quantum photonic computing, communication and sensing. Your work will be part of the Finnish flagship programme on photonics research and innovation (PREIN) and it will be linked to the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), as well as VTT’s ongoing development of cryogenic optoelectronics, superconducting devices, Finland’s first quantum computer and related applications and algorithms. Through VTT, you will also become part of many national and international alliances, such as Photonics Finland, Quantum Technology Finland and the European Silicon Photonics Alliance (ePIXfab).  
With us, you will be responsible for:
– Analyzing applications, markets and customer needs in optical computing, artificial intelligence and neuromorphic networks, as well as in quantum photonic computing, communication and sensing.
– Designing and simulating new optical components and PICs utilizing VTT’s technology in silicon photonics, photonics integration, cryogenics and superconducting components.  
– Identifying and solving the key issues within your domain of expertise. 
– Communicating and solving those issues in tight collaboration with others at VTT. 
– Communicating and solving problems with external partners. 
Who we are looking for:
We are looking for a person with experience in the design and simulation of photonic components, circuits and/or systems, strong theoretical know-how in both photonics and quantum technology, at least basic understanding of photonic integrated circuits, and a master’s or doctoral level degree in physics, electrical engineering, or other field connected closely to photonics hardware. You are passionate about research and development, and your interests are primarily in the design and simulation of photonic components and systems, although some basic understanding of photonics fabrication and testing is necessary to support efficient design and to meet customer needs. You are proficient in English, which is the primary language of communication in our team. 
We are interested in both junior and senior professionals, but we expect some practical experience from developing optical computing, quantum photonics and/or PIC technology. Depending on your background and experience, it is possible to adjust the focus of your research at VTT, and to gradually expand your responsibilities. With the help of VTT and our university partners, you can consider to convert the results of your research results into a doctoral dissertation.
We expect at least following qualifications:
– Master’s or doctoral degree in physics, electrical engineering or related field with dedicated courses for photonics and quantum technologies
– Strong theoretical know-how in both photonics and quantum technology
– At least 1 year of experience in at least one of the following research topics: all-optical computing hardware, photonics-based artificial intelligence hardware, photonic neuromorphic networks, quantum photonic computing, quantum photonic communication, optical quantum key distribution, quantum photonic sensing, development of single-photon detectors or emitters, or the design of complex silicon photonic PICs
– Photonic component, circuit and/or system design experience combining theory and analytical methods with numerical simulations
As a person, you strive for excellent results but also prioritize and make pragmatic choices. You are focused and systematic, and deeply enjoy doing R&D work. You contribute to a positive team spirit and prioritize the needs of the team high. You are hard-working, but you also communicate, collaborate, and delegate effectively. You are eager to work with new challenges, having an open-minded and curious attitude to find beyond-the-obvious solutions. You are able to bring clarity over complexity and identify the essential bottlenecks in any challenge. In addition, you have the ability and patience to tolerate uncertainty and unexpected outcomes. 
What we offer you
– Visionary work in technology. We offer positions at the cutting-edge of technology and engineering from next generation microelectronics and quantum technology to automation and robotics, energy systems and more. Our research agenda is dedicated to creating sustainable growth by solving systemic and technological challenges, so your work will go towards creating real, positive impact. Read more about our strategy – the path of exponential hope.
– Fascinating projects, excellent research environment. Our researchers get to work on a combination of cutting-edge academic research and applied customer projects, both locally and internationally. At VTT, you’ll have state-of-the-art research facilities at your disposal, such as Micronova, the Finnish research infrastructure for micro-, nano- and quantum technologies.  
– Great career opportunities, superb colleagues. At VTT, excellence in research is a strategic priority. We offer long-term positions and stable career paths in top-level research. People tend to stay with us over 10 years since there are always new roles and responsibilities to grow into. Collaborating in a cross-disciplinary community with superb colleagues is a source of learning, inspiration, and fun.
– Support for your well-being. Our people are our main asset, so we take good care of them. We aim to nurture great team spirit and leadership and offer versatile well-being services to enable a good work–life balance. On top of 6 weeks of paid holidays, we offer exercise and culture benefits, hobby clubs, and voluntary well-being services such as meditation programmes and trainings on cognitive ergonomics.
Are you an international talent looking for a new opportunity? Please note that VTT will cover the cost of temporary accommodation of two weeks in Finland, travel and removals for permanent employees.
Please send your CV and application with your salary request via our recruitment system as soon as possible but at the latest by November 14 2021. We will process applications as they come in, and fill in the position as soon as we find the right candidate. 

How to apply

Please send your CV and application with your salary request via our recruitment system as soon as possible but at the latest by November 14 2021. We will process applications as they come in, and fill in the position as soon as we find the right candidate. 

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Published on November 07, 2021

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