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Research Engineer for the aQCess quantum computing platform

University of Strasbourg

The activity concerns the establishment of a new public research and user platform for quantum computing: “aQCess -Atomic quantum computing as a service” which brings together a large number of French and International academic and industrial partners and is supported by the “Plan d’Investissment d’Avenir” of the “Agence National de la Recherche” and the “Programme et Equipements Prioritaire de Recherche Quantique” (PEPR) within the national quantum strategy.
In this context, the Research Engineer will assist with the planning and execution of a full stack NISQ quantum computer based on atomic qubits. He or she will work closely with the coordination and scientific teams within an international consortium to realize a large-scale research infrastructure and sustainable quantum computing platform, leading to the establishment of a quantum computing center and ecosystem in the east of France.

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We encourage interested candidates to contact Professor Shannon Whitlock regarding the position and the long-term prospects of the project.

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Published on March 02, 2022

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