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Postdoc position in experimental quantum physics or engineering

University of Birmingham

Post-doc position in experimental quantum physics or engineering: Precision measurements with an optical atomic clock in the laboratory and in the field
We have developed a compact lattice optical clock based on strontium. Its inaccuracy is 2 x 10^-17, which places it among the most accurate atomic clocks in Europe (
Within this project, a 2-year post-doc position (extendible to 5 years) is available, starting immediately.
We are currently improving the performance (stability and accuracy) and robustness of the apparatus and work towards experimentation outside of the laboratory. The team consits of three Ph.D. students and engineering support.
We are seeking a highly motivated person to participate in the above work and accomplish significant progress. The position gives the person the possiblity to develop his/her management and leadership skills, if desired, towards an academic career.
The work will mainly be performed in the following locations: initially at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig (in close collaboration with the groups of C. Lisdat) and after approximately 1 year at the Wettzell Geodetic Observatory (Bavaria).
The position is funded within the UK project ICON via the University of Brimingham node (PI: Prof. K. Bongs, Dr. Y. Singh). The latter will be the employer; the work will be done in Germany.
The post-doc should have understanding of complex cold atom/optical equipment and excellent organizational and communication skills (written and interpersonal).
For further information or for applying, contact:
Prof. S. Schiller, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf,
The earliest possible start date is Feb. 1, 2022; a later start date is possible.

How to apply

To apply for this studentship, please contact Prof. S. Schiller, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf,

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Published on December 14, 2021

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