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Multiple Postdoc positions in theoretical Quantum Physics

International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated Post-doctoral Researchers to work in the International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT) in Gdansk.
1. Postdoctoral Position on the topic “Quantum open systems and thermodynamical resource theory”
2. Postdoctoral Position on the topic “Categorical Foundations of the Non-Classicality of Nature”
3. Postdoctoral Position in the New Quantum Resources Group lead by Prof. Pawel Horodecki
4. Postdoctoral Position in the Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication Group led by Marcin Pawlowski
More details:
ICTQT was created in 2018 within the International Research Agendas Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union from the funds of the Smart Growth Operational Programme, axis IV: Increasing the research potential (Measure 4.3). The founders of ICTQT are Marek Zukowski (the director) and Pawel Horodecki (the research group leader).
The Centre consists of 6 research groups:
Multiphoton Quantum Optics for Quantum Information (leader Marek Zukowski);
New Quantum Resources (leader Pawel Horodecki);
Foundational Underpinnings of Quantum Technologies (leader Ana Belen Sainz);
New Quantum Resources and Thermodynamics (leader Michal Horodecki);
Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication (leader Marcin Pawlowski);
Quantum Open Systems in Relation to Quantum Optics (leader Lukasz Rudnicki).
PhD degree in physics, mathematics, computer science or philosophy (PhD degree obtained in 2015 or later).
The candidate should be interested in mathematical and conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information, and related topics, especially those which are within the research agenda of the project.
The candidate should be committed to working collaboratively within inclusive and diverse environment.
Good written and oral communication skills are appreciated.
What we offer?
Full-time employment in a rapidly developing unit (about 60 people as of now).
Scientific and organizational support.
Basic equipment and core facilities.
Friendly, inspiring, interdisciplinary environment.
The start date of employment is negotiable, the employment period may be extended after an evaluation.

How to apply

Please visit the link: and follow the application procedure described in each of the adverts.

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Published on April 20, 2022

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