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Quantum Control in Quantum Technologies

22.03 → 26.03 2021 | Universitätszentrum Obergurgl Austria

We are organising a conference on Quantum Control in Quantum Technologies, the final conference for our network QuSCo. The event is scheduled to take place from the 22nd to the 26th of March 2021 in Obergurgl in the Austrian Alps.

We are putting together an exciting programme which will at the same time allow taking full advantage of the skiing season.

The invited speakers are:

• Christian Arenz

• Hendrick Bluhm

• Lilian Childress

• Francesca Ferlaino

• Winfried Hensinger

• Helena Knowles

• Jens Koch

• Andreas Kugi

• Ilya Kuprov

• Mikhail Lukin

• Mazyar Mirrahimi

• David Schuster

• Sarah Sheldon

• Susanne Yelin

• Haidong Yuan

You can find the draft programme at this link:

There are no participation fees.

Register now at: NB: due to the distancing rules there are only 50 spots available so we recommend to register as soon as possible!

the deadline for registration is 1st December 2020

organising committee: Stefan Filipp; Fedor Jelezko; Christiane Koch; Jörg Schmiedmayer; Dominique Sugny; Frank Wilhelm-Mauch; Jörg Wrachtrup

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