QTEdu Open Master (QTOM) Launch Event

06.12 → 06.12 2021 | Zoom: Registration https://forms.gle/hTskwNbRuq5Aw4ri9 Denmark

The QTEdu Open Master (QTOM) pilot aims to provide extended opportunities for students of Master’s programs across Europe to study diverse and important areas of Quantum Technology, as well as gaining valuable research experience from experts in their fields.

Access to the pilot is available for staff and students flexibly, including through entirely standalone shared lecture courses, workshops and events, and guest lectures available from a network of over 30 partner institutions across Europe. An extensive internship program will also begin from January 2022, allowing students both remote and in-person (with funding support) hands-on exposure to cutting-edge Quantum Technology research.

A unique feature of QTOM is it’s focus on outcomes for students. Many partner institutions have arranged ECTS accreditation for courses and projects undertaken through the program, so students are able to incorporate study and research modules into their own Master’s programs, including their thesis projects.

Furthermore, the pilot is trialling the use of the European Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies, which maps the educational requirements of the Quantum workforce of the future. Students are able to assemble their own education for their specific post-graduation needs and interests.

QTOM will host a launch event on Dec 6th at 16:00 CET, where you can hear more about participation as a student or provider of material. Registration is open now!
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