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Online Summer School on Quantum Computing: Software for Near-Term Quantum Devices

31.08 → 04.09 2020 | Internet Spain

The school is organized together with the International University Menéndez-Pelayo and it is sponsored by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). It is oriented to master or final year undergraduate students, PhD students or professionals interested in practical quantum computing.

Online (live) lectures will cover quantum programming (QISKIT), variational quantum computing and machine learning, and applications in chemistry, physics and finance.

During the school, students will also participate in practical sessions in which they will get trained on particular applications of quantum computing. For more information, please visit:

Registration is already open at: but instructions are given in our webpage

The International University Menendez Pelayo will offer a limited number of bursaries to cover registration fees, based on academic performance.

Pol Forn Díaz (IFAE),
Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin)
Juan José García Ripoll (IFF-CSIC)
Diego Porras (IFF-CSIC)
Román Orús (Ikerbasque, DIPC)
Juan Sánchez Torual (IBM)
Maria Schuld (University of Kwazulu-Nataln)
Germán Sierra (IFT-CSIC)
Ivano Tavernelli (IBM Research – Zurich)
Stefan Woerner (IBM Research – Zurich)

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