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Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology 2021

19.07 → 23.07 2021 | ONLINE Germany

The Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology 2021 (MCQST2021), organized by the Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quatum Science and Technology (MCQST), brings together its scientific community from all career-stages with international guests in academia and industry to strengthen the exchange of ideas and discuss the latest advancements in all fields of quantum science and technology (QST).

Scientific exchange is a cornerstone of a researcher’s life and lies at the heart of our growing community. Hosting the conference online allows us to open us the MCQST research and environment to the wider quantum science and technology community. Therefore, we are thrilled to open up our virtual doors to the scientific community in a space designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and latest advancements. This international conference, covers the latest over all areas of quantum science, such as quantum information theory, quantum simulation, quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum metrology and sensing, quantum matter, and explorative directions (bridging quantum science and technology with high-energy physics, quantum gravity, cosmology, or quantum chemistry).

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