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Le Lab Quantique: QC for Finance, Open Source Quantum Computing, Sensing with Diamonds

28.04 → 28.04 2020 | Online France

We’re back with another set of great panelists covering many different aspects of the global Quantum ecosystem:
– ROMAN ORUS and ENRIQUE LIZASO, respectively CSO and CEO at leading quantum software startup Multiverse will tell us about their approach of the financial use cases, and introduce us to their Quantum inspired technology based one tensor networks
– NATHAN SHAMMAH, CTO at the non-profit US based Unitary Fund, lead developer of QuTip and physicist, will share his views on Open Source development for the Quantum Computing community, and building a global Quantum ecosystem
– MATHIEU MUNSCH, CEO of Qnami, has co-founded one of the leading companies in the Quantum sensing sector, and will introduce us to a fascinating technology with short term applications in imaging

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