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Growing the Quantum Economy through Metrology, Workforce, and Supply Chain Development (IMEKO World Conference)

01.09 → 01.09 2021 | IMEKO Word Congress 2021 Japan

Advances in quantum technology are changing the face of international metrology. New levels of control and manipulation of light and matter are enabling a new generation of high-precision standards – both within the laboratories of the national metrology institutes, and in the form of miniaturized, intrinsically accurate and quantum-referenced sensors. The ability to deploy precision metrology devices at the point of use creates new market opportunities and use cases with significant economic impact. This in turn leads to exciting challenges for metrology. This panel will explore how the international metrology infrastructure needs to adjust and the role of the NMI needs to change to support a future where metrology has been “democratized” and users have options for acquiring or generating traceable measurements without reference to measurement laboratories.

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