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EU-USA-Japan International Symposium on Quantum Technology 

16.12 → 17.12 2019 | Kioto Brighton Hotel Japan

Facing the growing possibility of an imminent second quantum revolution, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) will hold the EU-USA-Japan International Symposium on Quantum Technology (ISQT) on Dec. 16-17 in Kyoto. Participants from Europe, the USA and Japan will include leading researchers, tech companies generating quantum technology innovation, and forward-thinking policy makers.
Through joint sessions on the QT work of leading EU-USA-Japan researchers, including the fields of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum metrology & sensing, we hope to strengthen collaborations and improve mutual research potential. During the panel discussion in Session 6 “Policy and Roadmap of Quantum Technology”, we will explore the perspectives of QT R&D policy makers and project managers of each geographic area. In addition, young researchers from Japan’s major national QT research programs will introduce hot research topics at the joint poster session.

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