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ESI Thematic program on “Quantum Simulation – from theory to application”

02.09 → 31.10 2019 | Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics Austria

Almost forty years after its inception by Richard Feynman, as the first quantum technology ever proposed, quantum simulation is now witnessing accelerating progress at the hardware as well at the software level. A variety of platforms, from atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics to solid-state systems are being investigated, with quantum advantage (the ability to outperform simulations on classical supercomputers) being achieved in first demonstrations. At the same time, concrete applications in fields as diverse as condensed matter theory, high-energy physics and physical chemistry are being addressed, and major funding programs at European and national level support both academic research and industrial development.

It is therefore timely that a thematic program titled “Quantum Simulation – from theory to application” will be run at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI), Vienna, Austria*, from 02. Sept – 31.Oct. 2019.

The program will offer a forum for scientists from the whole spectrum of quantum simulation to exchange ideas, work together, and identity promising future directions to shape the future of quantum simulation. The aim of the program is to position the European quantum simulation community in the global context.

The program is divided into a “hardware” focused month and a “software” focused month. Each participant should choose 2 weeks that fit their interest. Participants are supported by the ESI per-diem allowance. The schedule is as follows:

  • “Hardware Month”
    • 02.-05. Sept. Conference: Quantum Simulation
    • 09.-15. Sept. Quantum Networks
    • 16.-22. Sept Pros and cons of different platforms
    • 23.-29. Sept. Benchmarking Hardware: Efficiency and Verification
  • “Software Month”
    • 30. Sept-06.Oct. Benchmarking Software: Application Benchmarking
    • 07.-13.Oct. Applications and Use-Cases
    • 14.-20.Oct. Quantum Computing by Quantum Simulation
    • 21.-27.Oct. Conference: Quantum Computing in Near Term
      * 28.-31.Oct. Wrap-up

In addition, there will 2 conferences and 2 meetings during that period:

  • Workshop 1: Conference “Quantum Simulation”: 02.-05 September
  • Workshop 2: Quantum Networks Meeting: 12-13 September
  • Workshop 3: PASQuanS Meeting: 26-27. September
  • Workshop 4: Conference “Quantum Computing in Near Term” 21-27 October

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