Entanglement in Action

17.05 → 23.05 2020 | Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual Spain

The conference will be held in the ‘Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual’ and it is intended to stimulate the exchange of ideas between scientists with different views of the field.

The Center provides many facilities and an agreeable atmosphere to allow the participants to carry their work during the meeting.

This is the third edition of the workshop Benasque: multipartite entanglement. In contrast to the previous editions, which focused on research on multipartite entanglement, the main topics of this edition include research on verification and benchmarking of quantum devices. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers on quantum information theory, in particular on multipartite entanglement and quantum information processing. The main focus will be on the following topics:

– Verification and benchmarking of quantum processors
– Applications of multipartite entanglement (also in the context of verification protocols)
– Entanglement in condensed matter systems
– Entanglement measures
– Local transformations of entanglement
– Entanglement detection in theory and experiment
– Quantum resource theories

The intention of these workshops is to foster new collaborations and to stimulate interesting discussions on various aspects of multipartite entanglement and verifications of quantum devices. In order to ease the discussions there will be two poster sessions scheduled, where everybody is very welcome to present his/her work. The posters will remain on display for the whole duration of the workshop. Moreover, a few talks will be pre-arranged in advance. Among the speakers will be:

– Jens Eisert
– Tobias Fritz
– Pawel Horodecki
– Markus Huber
– David Jennings
– Andreas Elben

The rest of the talks will be organized during the meeting.

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