ASTERIQS School on Solid-State Spins

01.11 → 05.11 2021 | Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse France

The ASTERIQS School on solid-state spins is dedicated to the emerging field of quantum sensing. It will provide a solid basis for students aiming at a scientific career in this highly active field.
The lectures will give an overview of different quantum-enhanced sensing techniques based on solid-state spins, with a focus on the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center in diamond. The program will cover the very basics of NV physics, from diamond growth and implantation, through measurement protocols for coherent manipulation – to modern diamond sensor fabrication and demonstration of applications in biophysics, condensed matter physics and industry. A large space will also be given to recent developments and applications of this promising field.
The school is organized and partly funded by the Horizon Europe projects ASTERIQS and METABOLIQS.

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