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2nd European Quantum Technologies Virtual Conference (EQTC)

29.11 → 02.12 2021 | Virtual Conference Ireland

Welcome to the European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC), the international conference of the European Quantum Flagship initiative.

EQTC 2021 is a virtual event being hosted by the Irish Centre for High-End Computing and the National University of Ireland,  Galway between 29th November and 2nd December 2021.

This event will highlight all of the most prominent and recent advances in European and international quantum technology activities across basic sciences, communication, computing, simulation and sensing/metrology.

The conference programme addresses a wide range of topics in quantum technologies including fundamental science, infrastructure development, industry engagements, education & training, encouraging and facilitating gender balance in the quantum community, international cooperation, and policy-making. It will provide a forum to highlight the state-of-the-art in quantum technologies both in Europe and from around the world.

EQTC 2021 will also provide a full update on the European Quantum Flagship initiative, strategies and opportunities including reports from and discussions with the Strategic Research Agenda, Innovation, and Education Working Groups of the Quantum Flagship. It will provide networking opportunities for the European and International academic and industrial quantum technologies communities, whilst also promoting other issues such as communication of quantum technologies towards the general public.

Welcome to EQTC from Ireland! Fáilte go EQTC as Éirinn!

To find further information on the event please also visit the EQTC website.



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