Workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing

The workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing introduces you to the general principles of quantum computing and how such a computer can be used. The workshop aimed at an audience that could use Quantum Technology at their organization; we expect no prior knowledge of quantum physics, but basic experience with everyday computers and business operations. When done, you will have a general understanding of the possibilities and threats, and what to expect of quantum computers in the future.

Duration: 3.5-hours

Can be booked individually on the last Friday of each month, from 13:00 – 16:30, or for a private group of 15-25 people (date and time will be discussed).

The workshop is given online using Cisco Webex or MS Teams. English language is used.

Registration for the workshop can be done via the online form. After registration, we will confirm your booking and contact you about payment information.

Price: € 100, plus (optional) € 25 for a final test + certification. Prices are excluding 21% VAT (in Dutch: BTW).