Quantum technology

Quantum Technology

The compulsory courses introduce students to quantum science and technology, fundamental physics ranging from thermodynamics to electromagnetism, as well as the necessary analytical and numerical tools from mathematics. The elective courses cover advanced topics, such as quantum information processing, computation, and communication, and materials science intended for future quantum technologies.

  • The core of the Quantum Technology major includes the following topics:
  • Quantum devices for advanced technologies
  • Quantum information processing, communication, and algorithms
  • Quantum sensing and simulation
  • Nano-scale fabrication of quantum circuits and processors
  • Low-temperature physics and materials science for quantum engineering
  • Theoretical description and understanding of quantum systems

The bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) is composed of basic studies of the programme (65 ECTS mathematics, programming, industrial engineering and management, obligatory languages, Aalto studies, orientation), the major in quantum technology (65 ECTS including BSc thesis and seminar), the minor (20-25 ECTS) and elective studies (25-30 ECTS).

Language: English

Additional contact: Prof. Mikko Möttönen – mikko.mottonen@aalto.fi